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July 19, 201811:22 AM
July 5, 201802:59 PM
Photos from Alchemy Wellness's post A day working with Friends of the Columbia Gorge in efforts to restore flora on our hiking trails was a very fulfilling endeavor! To make change in the world we must come together as community! Thank you Rosario, Bryan, Simon, ...
July 1, 201810:46 PM
Happy 1 yr Anniversary to Alchemy Wellness!
July 1, 201809:03 PM
June 21, 201808:45 PM
It's that time of year! You are getting outside & upping you activity! Let's not forget to get some TLC for that over exerted body! Appointments are available!
June 19, 201810:36 PM
June 13, 201805:10 PM
Invasive Plant Removal at Ainsworth Campground, OR Ok guys & gals... if you would please click here to fill out paper work & claim your ticket for the event.

This is for the Friends of The Columbia Gorge people. Although it looks to require a ticket, it's ...
June 5, 201806:04 PM
Massage appointments available this week! Sign up now to reserve your self-care time.
Alchemy Wellness is at Alchemy Wellness.
May 29, 201809:13 PM
Mark your calendars! June 30th will be the Friends of the Gorge outing to support recovery of the Gorge burn area. Keep an eye out for the event so you can join in. The team will max out at 15 ...
May 16, 201802:22 PM
How about a massage this Thursday???
Cheryl has time available!
View availability & schedule at
May 15, 201808:31 PM
Growth & Community Outreach - how exciting! Read all about it here. Growth & Community Outreach - how exciting! Read all about it here. -
April 29, 201808:27 PM
Ready for some self-care? Schedule a massage this week. There's plenty of room for YOU!
Conveniently schedule online at
Alchemy Wellness is at Alchemy Wellness.
April 1, 201802:15 PM
Save the date: Evening of May 2nd 2018 - Wednesday : Alchemy Wellness is making plans to sponsor a Friends of the Columbia Gorge info/ team sign up for action necessary to support the regrowth of our lovely gorge. Plan ...
March 20, 201804:42 PM
Massage can be considered something akin to getting your oil changed. Regular maintenance (self care) leads to the extended life of your machine (body)! Appointments available 7 days a week! 9 am - 8 pm.
March 12, 201810:26 PM
Meet Joel! He's new here at Alchemy Wellness. Joel joins us a junior therapist. Although he has 7 years of history being a massage therapist he is now choosing to step into his career. What this means for you is ...
March 10, 201803:11 PM
There’s room for YOU! Next week has plenty of massage openings. Schedule your today!
March 8, 201807:36 PM
And, another one joins the team! Welcome Claire Stewart, LMT!
March 7, 201801:10 PM
Look at us GROW! Alchemy now has two more LMT’s. Welcome Jesse Swim, LMT and Joel Janson, LMT. Come meet them in person! Schedule your massage at
March 6, 201806:21 PM
Get your self-care scheduled!
March 3, 201805:11 PM
Photos from Alchemy Wellness's post Such great optimism, and information! Spending the day with Friends of the Columbia Gorge learning how to be a steward of the land that we love!
Alchemy Wellness added 2 new photos.
February 28, 201804:41 PM
We can help you find your way!
February 27, 201804:12 PM
Friends of the Columbia Gorge | Friends of the Columbia Gorge This weekend Cheryl takes a trail stewardship training with Friends of the Columbia Gorge! Up next: Team Alchemy will get their hands dirty with a boots on the ground trail maintenance & repair! Date TBD. Interested? Stay tuned!

Remember, Alchemy ...
February 26, 201801:07 PM
THIS JUST IN... Openings for massage this week at Alchemy Wellness!
Alchemy Wellness is at Alchemy Wellness.
February 19, 201807:23 PM
Photos from Alchemy Wellness's post Helping YOU to help US! As with many small businesses we rely mostly on word of mouth referrals... What if I told you that the people you refer to us could get $10 off their first session here at Alchemy ...
February 19, 201810:23 AM
Good morning snow dusted Portland! It's warm & cozy at Alchemy Wellness. Massage openings today. Call for an appointment: 503 939 8205. $10 off!!!
February 17, 201809:35 AM
Highlights, updates, & reminders February News... Exciting stuff here at Alchemy Wellness. Hey! You! In need of a massage? Next week has possibilities. Read below.
February 12, 201805:02 PM
Almost finished with the last touches to the Agate room, a comfy space for counseling & coaching. Somewhere in the process I lost Jen though. Can't find her anywhere...
Alchemy Wellness is at Alchemy Wellness.
February 1, 201804:45 PM
Alchemy Wellness Welcome to our new Alchemy family member Simon Sharkey, LAc! Come get your acupuncture on at Alchemy Wellness!
January 19, 201810:35 AM
Annual Hike Leader & Shepherd Training 101 Did you know that Alchemy Wellness is sponsoring Friends of the Columbia Gorge? Are you interested in joining Cheryl as she attends the annual Hike Leadership & Shepard training? Learn more & sign up here... Let's do our part to ...
January 1, 201811:05 PM
Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Alchemy Wellness News: Important information and exciting updates! Read Please!
Our first newsletter of 2018! Learn about our growing team and our first community outreach efforts.

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Alchemy Wellness offers high-quality massage therapy, counseling, acupuncture and other complementary wellness services to the Portland community. Our expertise in providing individualized support through holistic practices, bodywork and compassionate talk therapy is intended to assist you in creating the level of health you deserve. We specialize in therapeutic massage and the treatment of injuries including those sustained in motor vehicle accidents. We also offer support for chronic pain management, physical and emotional trauma recovery, and relaxation and stress relief. Visit our services pages to find out more about the massage and bodywork, counseling, and acupuncture that we offer.
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